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$VBS token is a TRC20 token on the TRON blockchain. The base value of a $VBS token is 1 $USDT and every $VBS token minted is backed Brick NFT’s held in the VersacBrickSquad wallet.




The function of the $VBS token is to give the TuruGlobal a chance to get invested in the total VBS portfolio. The income generated by the Brick NFT’s in the VBS wallet (the backing value for the $VBS tokens) will be distributed proportionally to the holders of the $VBS token. As over time there will be Brick NFT’s of several projects backing the $VBS token, these tokens represent a portion of the whole VBS portfolio.




$VBS tokens are allocated in the following manner:
50% move towards the TuruGlobal Vault

20% is distributed to the TuruGlobal team

17.5% is available for Purchase by BabyTuru Millionaire club members.

10% is available as compensation for VBS team members.

2.5% is available as initial liquidity in BBT/VBS and Turu/VBS liquidity pairs

TuruGlobal Vault

50% of the tokens move to the TuruGlobal Vault. The revenue generated by them count as income for the TuruGlobal Ecosystem, meaning that
33% of the income will flow to dividend payment for $turu token holders,
33% of the income will be added to the Vault
33% of the income will go to the cash back wallet for $TRD token buy back.


TuruGlobal Team

20% of the token will be distributed to the TuruGlobal team. 10% to the C-suite and the other 10% to the remaining board members for the general support given to TuruGlobal


BabyTuru Millionaire club members          

17.5% is available for Purchase by BabyTuru MC and Single mint NFT holders at a value of 1  USDT each to be paid in either $BBT or $turu. This will be approximately 25% discount vs the value in which it will be listed in the liquidity pairs in the DEX


Compensation for VBS team members

10% is available as compensation for VBS team members, giving a weekly reward for the team managing the community interaction, wallet management and real estate management


Initial Liquidity

2.5% is used as initial liquidity in BBT/VBS and turu/VBS pairs on JustMoney DEX. These will be set up at a value of 1.25 USDT per $VBS and we will let the value float from there onwards. All liquidity providing VBS tokens will be receiving there proportion of rewards. In time when TuruGlobal has created a presence on BSC chain as well, there is the option to create the BSC version of $VBS token as well, which will be bridged to its TRC20 counterpart.



There will be two income streams in the VBS wallet:

  • Income generated by Bricks held in the wallet

  • Income generated by token held in the wallet


Income by Bricks

The income generated by Bricks will be proportionally distributed to $VBS token holders. This generates the main source of income for the $VBS holders


Income by other tokens
The VBS wallet will contain other tokens like $turu and $BBT earned from $VBS sales. These are passive income generating tokens. Part of the revenue generated will be distributed to $VBS holders where the other part will be used to grow the base funding for VBS.


Wallet Assets

The VBS wallet will contain the following tokens (plus some dust collected in the process as wel1):

  • Brick NFT’s

  • $turu tokens

  • $BBT tokens

  • $USDT tokens


Brick NFT’s

The Brick NFT’s are the backing of all $VBS tokens in circulation. The income generated will be proportionally shared with all $VBS token holders.


$turu tokens

The $turu tokens are received through sales of $VBS tokens, as airdrop from voting for TuruGlobal SRC or from airdrops for holding $BBT tokens. The $turu tokens earn $USDT revenue from the TuruGlobal ecosystem. Half of the earnings will be shared with $VBS token holders, the other half remains in the VBS wallet to support purchase of new real estate assets in the future.


$BBT tokens

The $BBT tokens are received through sales of $VBS tokens and will generate an income of $BBT tokens through the $BBT tax process and they will generate an income in $turu tokens for holding the $BBT tokens.


USDT tokens

The $USDT tokens are partially converted to $TRX to freeze and create enough bandwidth and energy for cost free transactions on the TRON network.

The remaining $USDT will be compiled to support future real estate purchases for the VersacBrickSquad.

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