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CityPearl Budapest


In 1872, this patinated area was handed over with a wonderful ceremony, where the famous Water Tower and the Empire-style ballroom reflecting the architecture of the period have survived to this day.
The buildings in the center of City Pearl have been restored preserving the original architectural solutions. In addition to the Water Tower and the ballroom, you can also find special features such as works of art at the entrance. Entering here, bronze bull statues symbolizing glory greet those returning home. Each time you enter, you will be amazed by the sight. City Pearl provides a home that adds value to your everyday life, building on the area’s historic heritage.




$ 150,000

Expected returns:

Delivery of the project expected Q3 2024.

Significant value increase expected upon delivery.

Rent fee income (Q3/Q4 2024) expected at 5% APR.


Build year: Q3 2024

Size: 32.5 + 8 sqm

Type: 0 + 1 Apartment

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