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About VersacBrickSquad

Fractionalized Asset ownership was one of the original use cases that launched the NFT craze in the crypto world. There have however been very few successful projects in this space, and these days "NFT" is mostly asscociated with jpgs of of dubious artistic quality depicting apes and rocks and the like, trading at crazy prices, or being used in a scam.


VersacBrickSquad is aiming to solve that original use case: permission-less, fractionalized Real Estate ownership using the state of the art in crypto/blockchain, NFT, DAO and community management.


Real world properties will be tokenized as NFTs on the blockchain. These "bricks" NFTs can be managed like ordinary NFTs - they are minted, traded on NFT markets and stored on crypto wallets. The wallet holdings signifies the shareholding in the property.

Each property is thus owned by a group of people via their NFT holdings in a crypto wallet. This group of people will become part of a bespoke DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to manage the property according to standard crypto DAO management practises: comms in discord/tg, voting in decison making polls according to shareholding, and full financial transparency.


TuruGlobal's role will be to purchase each property, to manage the legal aspects (deeds and sale, mortgage contract between TuruGlobal and the DAO with the property as collateral), to mint the NFTs, then launch the DAO for that property and participate in the managent of DAO.


The overall tokenomics also include an additional level of tokenisation besides the bricks NFTs. This will be in the form of a $VBS token which will be minted for each property (to the value of 20% of property value). The $VBS token will offer a more general property investment option (mc=20% of entire property portfolio) and will be tradable in Turu Tron ecosystem. VBS$ will be offered on in initial sale to BBTMillionaireClub members (3.5%), used for initial liquidity (0.5%), and given as rewards to Turu investors (10%)  and the TuruGlobal / VersacBrickSquad team (6%).

Our Team
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