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The Versac Brick Squad is a collection of DAO’s investing in real estate assets jointly managing the assets in a platform structure provided by TuruGlobal and with that making Real Estate investment accessible for the people in a Multi chain blockchain platform structure.



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Real Estate Projects

How does it work?

Choose the real estate project you are interested in an go to the NFT Market-place to buy the relevant Brick NFT.

By holding a Brick NFT you become part of one of the squads (DAO) of VersacBrickSquad

Fractional ownership

VersacBrickSquad gives the chance to everyone on this globe to start investing in real estate. From as little as 50 USD onwards, you can buy a Stone Brick NFT and become a fractional owner of real estate.

Currently the Bricks can be bought on three different Blockchains being Polygon, Tron, Syscoin and BSC.

Holding the Brick in your wallet will result in receiving your monhtly passive income automatically.

The Bricks can be bought on the following NFT marketplaces:


  • ApeNFT

  • Binance NFT

  • Opensea

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